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The Pacesetters Band




The Pacesetters Band

Pines Club, Anchorage Alaska





The Pacesetters in 1984


The Pacesetters were the house band at the Pines Club in Anchorage and played five nights a week


Here the group is performing at a rare event outside the Pines Club; Mayor Tony Knowles Ball


Nancy Lee Jourdan was the leader of the band for many years


At the Mayors Ball


The Pacesetters were named after the clubs owner, Russ Pace


Scott at age 22


Scott performed with the group for 3 years from 1981 to 1984, doing over 750 shows


Long time lead guitar player, Michael Majeras


The Pines Club was a country music venue


The band performed "live on the radio" nightly. There's nothing like that anywhere today.


A mistake on the radio show was a big deal since it was all live and no delay. So the band always did the show sober.


The Pines Club was a block long and the largest night club in the state of Alaska


Ray Szatmari was the bands keyboard phenom. He hated country music but liked the money


Scott on Halloween 1983


There was always a party going on backstage.