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Street Skating

Pre Roller Derby Daze


The Skates were on 24/7 which lead to some interesting but not so safe ideas......


Up and......




On the streets of the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles


Jumping at 40 mph


After skating the Blvd's, freeway skating was the next, illogical step...


Entrance to the Ventura (101) Freeway in Los Angeles


Entering the Ventura Freeway


Notice the cars in the background keeping their distance


The skate wheels would become too hot to touch afterwards and got grinded down quickly


The 18 year old driver of this car, Rick Margolis, became an attorney


Rick got ticketed and eventually would no longer toe, so.. had to find someone else.......


A frickin' Olds Station Wagon with woody side panels. As long as it could do 70mph....


Scotty's Freeway skating only lasted a few months as eventually the drivers were getting traffic violations



The skater (Scotty) only got a pedestrian ticket


Always hoping we didn't have to brake quickly


Happy to be alive!


All due respect to Billy Marshall, but at 65 MPH, THIS is HOT WHEELS! Smoke-it!