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Roller Derby

Los Angeles Thunderbirds (www.LATBirds.net)


1980 Los Angeles Thunderbirds at the Los Angeles Forum


1980 Los Angeles Thunderbirds at the Olympic Auditorium


Signing an autograph before the game


Taking a breather


Huddling with legends Valladares, Big John, Billy Marshall, Sam Washington and Jerry Ruiz


In the pack vs. the Outlaws. Bernie Jackson blocking in background


Scotty, Big John Johnson and Billie "Hot Wheels" Marshall


Scotty, Big John Johnson and Billie Marshall controlling the pack which includes Outlaw legend, Larry Lewis


Bull ring in Guadalajara, Mexico. (L to R) Ralphie, Larry Lewis, David Martinez, Ted Maroff, Scotty


Sam Washington and Scotty discuss strategy


At hotel dressing for game; Mexico City


Poolside in Mexico City trying to convince referee Don Lastra to keep an eye on the Bombers tonight


Scott Stephens battles Dave Martinez in 1979 at San Diego Sports Arena


Jerry Ruiz, Frankie Macedo and Scotty (Bombers #42) at the Olympic


Scotty, Ronnie Raines and Danny Reilly


Scotty, John Hall, Danny Reilly


Frankie Macedo & Scotty jamming


Scott trying to get out of the pack. Sam Washington behind and teammate Kenny Saunders ahead


Danny Reilly, Ronnie Raines, Scotty and others prepare for start of jam


Forming the pack with Danny Reilly behind


Calling off the jam


John Hall send Scotty to the rail. George Fernandez (43) in background


Dave Martinez and Scott battle



1979 New York Bombers with stars Greg Quinn, Darryle Davis, George Adams


Radio DJ Lynn Harper, conducting the last interview with Ralphie Valladares, Oct 1997


Scotty at training camp with members of the Bay Bombers and San Diego Firebirds, January 2007


Posing for a publicity shot, Bay Bombers, 2007




Roller Derby - The World's Greatest Sport