Electric Warrior

Los Angeles, 1977 - 1981


Electric Warrior (band) photo 1979


Bob Farrell of Electric Warrior

Bob Farrell


Brian Kassen


Don Mogill


Michael Vangerov


Scott Stephens


Steve Sklar



Electric Warrior was formed in Woodland Hills CA (Los Angeles County) in 1977


The band performed originals and about 50 rock covers


Electric Warrior wrote enough material for 2 albums but never released a studio LP


The group was based in the San Fernando Valley


Above: Scott Stephens and Michael Vangerov who went on to form Liquid Blue in the 1990's


Above: The band did a late night photo shoot at a Hollywood graveyard


The group had several bass players but Bob Farrell (above) has the longest tenure


Above: The "Side Show" featured female friends of the band on skates


The "Bombers" left to right: Lori, Jodi, Cheryl and Meca


The band opened up for themselves wearing masks as the New York Bombers


Above Center: The Groveler (Michael Vangerov) got his nickname in this period


Above: rehearsing in Michael's garage on Marino Street (Dave Mednick on bass)


The band added a 2nd guitarist in 1979, Don Mogill (above)


This show at Devonshire Downs was recorded is the only known recording of the bands originals


In 1980 the band toured Canada using a different name, Road Runner, as suggested by an agent


The "EW" banner in the background in the Vangerov garage


A business card to promote casuals


An original business card used to promote the bands original music


Brian Kassum (2nd from left) became the bands 1st keyboard player in 1979


Above: The classic line up

A packed house in Canoga Park


Up on the roof


Above: Electric Warrior opened for Quiet Riot on this show at the Starwood


Above: Opening for Quiet Riot. Scott had recently interviewed Kevin Dubrow for Raw Power Mag


Despite some decent tunes and gaining many fans in the Valley, the band dissolved in 1980


This shot was used the official glossy for much of the bands existence


The Groveler is copping a feel on the statue


The opening act has a guitarist exactly the same height as the headliner :)


Oh the days of playing house parties!


The band played "dropped tunes" as they opened for themselves.


The official glossy for "Road Runner" which was actually still Electric Warrior


Keyboard wiz Brian Kassam with Scott


It was the 70's and it was rock & roll! A great time to be in a band!


Back then, crowds went nuts when you did a current hit


Teen Time: For most of us, this was our first band. We were all between 16 and 19


The future Liquid Blue member performing in someone's living room


The New York Bombers were unscripted so anything could happen


Sometimes, really good things happened. This was not a family show.


The name "Electric Warrior" was taken from a T-Rex album 


More fun on stage


Only a few of the bands shows were photographed


Long before Photoshop, someone sent us this image


It was 1979; the end of the 70's. Music was changing fast but EW didn't stick around much longer


The band never played another show after the 1980 summer tour of Alberta, Canada


There has been some talk of a one-time re-union show but it has never materialized


The 70's were also a time of getting way too much sun at Zuma Beach


Back then there were almost DJ's, Karaoke. Live music was king.


And there was tons of potential work for any good band


Electric Warrior stayed mostly local and in obscurity aside from a decent following in the Valley


During "White Punks On Dope" there was a roller derby type fight as part of the show


Fairly pointless but we did destroy a few guitars



That's Murray Schwartz in the background with the camera along with Craig Sackheim


The first photo, first gig. 1977 at a McDonald's opening


Last photo; re-union around 1997